"If you want to get children involved in flying without spending a lot of money the GOGO BIRD is a great starting point. This is priced around the £30$30 price point and we had so much fly flying it."

Thank you Darren so much for sharing Go Go Bird flying experience with us.

Mule Crusher: omg I have always wanted to get this for my mom, she loves birds, and is elderly. wonder if she would fly it !

Tim O'Ryan: Good to see you having fun with your wee one. Also good to know drone flying can d as kid be fun too!! Keep making your vids!!
Visti: Why do I feel like a child🥺 This looks so fun! Let me borrow it🤣 I wanna use it so bad lol might get it just for fun!

D M C Productions: My granddaughter would love one of those, shame she's only 2 😁. How to get it out when it's stuck in a tree, throw the controller at it 😂
Darren: hey it worked ! genius really haha
Vikram Exclusive: Bruh, even that thing has obstacle avoidance, it's already better than the mini 2
Darren McHardy: It's the mini 2s 😂

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