Buy This Robotic Bird? - Go Go Bird Eagle - RC Ornithopter Review

Thank you Adam for sharing Go Go Bird Eagle with us on Youtube.

Go Go Bird Eagle got a fantastic informative full review. 

What is this?
This is the Hanvon GoGoBird Eagle. It’s a radio controlled ornithopter, which means it has wings that flap like a bird to propel itself through the air. It comes as a Ready-To-Fly package, with minimal assembly required.
How much does it cost?
MSRP is $200 and should be available for purchase around September 2021.
Is it worth the price?

If you want an ornithopter, yes. This appears to be the most affordable and user-friendly ornithopter for its size and price.

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Is it any good?
Yes. It is well designed, made with high quality materials, durable, and very fun.
Is it easy to fly?
Yes. It uses a barometer to maintain a fairly consistent altitude, and is gyro-stabilized so it is hard (but not impossible) to crash. Launching is the hardest part.
Why buy this?
Mostly for fun, especially if you are interested in ornithopters. This may also be a great introduction to RC aircraft since it is easy to fly, durable, and there is no propeller to cut your fingers off.

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