Go Go Bird experience with Essential RC group

First thank you DOMINIC and Clare very much for reviewing and sharing Go Go Bird.

DOMINIC sharing Go Go Bird at both Youtube and Facebook RC group Essential RC.

Let's check what Go Go Bird experience from essentialRC have inspired us.

Go Go Bird flight test Part 1 - Go Go Bird

DOMINIC: Our first attempt was not very successful but we were determined to try again and get this Ornithopter flying. Clare had a few attempts...and as last time suggested I have a go. I think I was a little too successful...

Who me: I had to stop, Essential my goodness you have been missed! Mr Dom U have a Lovely wife and I was literally amazed by her! I find it so great that she will take part in something you enjoy, based on my life experience,if she put that Essential Red Jacket on that Bird will out doing any other! This Episode sets a Great Example of a Good Relationship,I'm sure,Being the First I ever seen the ladies of the past in my life seem to actually understand I'm RCs I Love and not that much more than them, But there always destroy a perfectly good RC before I built up the courage to Destroy it my self,I can fill with that because I did it ! . I don't believe in violence against RC crafts of any type,This Italian girl totally wiped out of space shuttle model rocket that was even nice apparently according to price about 2¹/² weeks of slow building because I enjoy it So she had this Duck that vibrated,that was her love it was a bit satisfying see it with a c+6 model rocket engine fire up strapped to that duck ,I thought Duck could fly,Who knows what she did with that I still get mad how about you Natalie Ya talk about that vibrator duck see told you not to touch my RCs ,and that ring fake that's what I got the Model rocket with🤪! My god I drop right down that rabbit hole should I say duck,God Bless You Essential Mom AND Dad

Clifford S.: Nice. My dogs and cats would love me if I got one of those. Unfortunately it probably won't survive very long if they got a hold of it.

Go Go Bird flight test Part 2 - Return of the Go Go Bird

DOMINIC: We were not very successful on this attempt but we'll be back to try again...after the batteries have re-charged and Clare has read the manual.

Jacen Grey: Tonight. We test fly an RC bird. An RC bird tests us. And Dom goes for an impromptu jaunt in the countryside.

Rider X: Oh my god it was hilarious the way it went away from you guys . You guys are just amazing. Keep it up.😊 my friend. It shouldn't be called gogo bird instead it should be cardio bird cos it will keep you running all day.

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