Hanvon Go Go Bird Eagle - Bionic Flapping Wing Aircraft - So Much Fun!

The Go Go Bird company sent me this product for review, and I must say I was intrigued. A bionic bird, really? In this video, we take the mechanical bird out to the park and fly it. Wow! I had so much fun. Flying this bird made me feel like a 10 year old again! :-) If you have kids, or grandkids, or you just want to feel like a kid, get a Go Go Bird Eagle, and fly it! Here is a link to the Go Go Bird website: www.gogobird.com

Thank you Marcus so much for sharing Go Go Bird Eagle flying experience with us on Youtube, check the full review below:

 And also we are glad to get and share all the opinions from viewers, thank you all.

Glad you got one, it seems now they are shipping it out. now we need to figure a way out to FPV it hahaha
Idaho Quadcopter
Ha! 😁 Thank you Mansoor! I felt like a 10-year-old kid flying that bird! 🙂

Lon Denard
It's finally happened... Marcus has lost it!!! This I have to see... WAIT!!! You got it to fly!!! I've seen several "reviews" of this drone and no one has got it to fly this long! Good job!!!
Idaho Quadcopter
Lon, I had so much fun with that toy! It was a riot.

Drone Bum
Well that was different and fun. Couldn't see the hawk on my tiny phone. I'll watch again later on the big screen.
That eagle looks really fun . You know I have to buy one now so I can chase it with a fpv quad. LOL
Thanks Marcus, Hope all is well. Have a great weekend

Idaho Quadcopter
It would be perfect to chase with an FPV quad. Thank you Paul!

"..I'm gonna put it more in the toy category..."
Unfortunately the $200 price is far from the toy category and out of my range. I was hoping for something closer to $99 considering what it is.
Looks like fun though. Great video. Happy flying!
P.S...I had bottles on the kitchen cabinets like that too. The 1989 "World's Series" earthquake brought them all down. ;-)
Idaho Quadcopter
Yes, let's hope the price comes down somewhat.

Pixies Channel
That looks like a load of fun Marcus, I had to laugh at that eagle having a go lol.

Fun fun fun. That bird's a hoot and a marvelous addition to any hobbyist collection.

RD's RC Reviews
I was shocked as well by how much fun this bird was to fly. Also, incredible views. I don't think I got half that many in a month lol
Idaho Quadcopter
Ryan, I was stunned at how much fun I had with that bird! 🤪

Amazing flying, Marcus. Thanks for trying it out and sharing it with all of us.

Attach the Dji Action 2 on your next flight lol. This was insane. I was actually speechless when it took off. Hey, If sales climb, we can take him off the Endangered Species list :) It looks real up in the air.

TxArch DroneGuy
Marcus, glad you got it to fly; Kelly and I believe Captain Drone, had a much more trouble flying it. Looks like you had a great time. I have the original go go bird; i won it from Dad Random (Chris), several months ago.

Idaho Quadcopter
Michael, I felt like a kid again flying this thing. 😂

Phil Hechle
Something a bit different, which also flys. Brilliant.
Very entertaining Marcus.

Hi Marcus, this looks like a lot of fun indeed. 😃👍🏼 Best regards, Sven

I need one of these to decoy the Red-tailed hawks away from my Mini 2 and Air 2. They won't get too close to my Autel Evo 2 Pro... It's almost as big as they are! Loved the video Marcus! Lots of fun!

Greg Pittman
Looks like he had lots of fun maybe you should bring it to spin up. Anyway it was great video Marcus and it looks very interesting.

LOL, looks like you, and the hawk, had some fun with that Go Go Bird‼️. Great job Marcus.

That looked like fun Marcus. Is is possible to mount a small camera on it?
Idaho Quadcopter
It really was fun! I suppose I could mount the Go 2 on the bird, but I'll bet the video would be really jiggly, and not much to look at.

Drone Views Media
Marcus, that pension has finally tipped you over the edge 🤣😂. Looks awesome though, I could use something like this to scare my neighbors 🤣

Charles Galuski
“… more fun than a barrel full of monkeys.” Only us mature folks will get that. 😁 That bird looks like tons of fun. Gonna have to put it on my To Get list for 2022.

Mickey McH
Success! I saw another review of this or a similar bird but in that review the bird kept crashing. Looks like it's definitely something you would want a lot of open obstacle free space, no poles, trees, buildings, hawks, etc.. Looks like fun, thanks for the review!

Drone Dynasty
Looks like you had more fun flying this than the Skydio. Takes the pressure off when you have not got thousands of pounds worth of camera in the air. Squawk, squawk 😁

NE Dronalist
Haha, great video Marcus, that's a cool bird you got there! I totally want one now, looking forward to your next upload!

Hi Marcus, where do you put the micro SD card? Does the Eagle need to be FAA registered? I'm waiting for you to fly that Eagle over the Snake River Canyon and watch the raptors beat the h*ll out of it. Would make for some great video.
Now I have a hard decision to make, either buy the Mavic 3 or the Eagle? lol

JOE Blalock
Marcus looks like you are having way to much fun. Is it calling off distances? You sound like a kid with a cool new toy.

Nice review Marcus. Wow! I’m impressed.I couldn’t get mine to stay . I’m gonna work on our review on it . Haven’t got to it yet. But hope on the next one I’ll get it to stay in the air lol. 😂😂👍

ADV-MOTO-Rider 72
"Lets quit messing around and lets get this bird in the air"..

I have two now and I love my birds more of a challenge to fly then a drone so I had to adjust my flaps on the tail to turn tighter did two vids on this bird on my you tube channel allready and did two more that I have to put on yet with more practice it gets to be more fun the price was right and the battery time is great and very very durable im impressed but you do need a big open field thats the drawback but the flap adjustment works better for tighter turns at 90 degrees flap adjustment I also have four different ornithopters that I have to get up in the air there all different so time will tell on the others nice to see you having fun with something different.im putting the other two vids on the tube tomorrow they came out nice.

Robert B Drone
Very cool Marcus literally let’s get this bird in the air

Super Nova
It seems to fly better than some of the drones you have recently tested

Gary Cordingley
Funny the fact that a 65 year old guy still has fun with toys is amazing 4 years behind you I want one lol

Timothy Frederick Church
Happy halloween, nice flying bird. Glad your happy at the park!

Aleks Mark Aerial Videos gr
Hi Marcus !! Really awesome staff !! Great unboxing review and information !! excellent test flight my friend veeeeery fun !! Fly awesome and so real!!

Jet Martin
I was hoping you might fly the GoGo bird at the Snake River Canyon....what could possibly go wrong?!? PS. If you do that one day bring your rock climbing equipment with you.

Jet Martin
@Idaho Quadcopter If a bird did attack and you prepared to catch in video (zoom lens) you might have a viral video on your hands. 😁

Jet Martin
Love it....But does it do 4K 60? 😀 I have a feeling I'd park that bird in a tree in no time. If nothing else you could use that bird for pigeon control. I should take it to the local airport and with a straight face propose that I'll keep the runways clear of birds with my GoGo bird. 🤪

Gimp Man
Looks like you are well on your way to becoming a Toy Quadcopter Addict.
But to qualify as a toy quadcopter:
1. Toy must not cost more than $50
2. Motors must be brushed (never brushless)
3. Flight time should be between 5 and 8 minutes.
4. Lipo batteries should be single cell and not exceed 500 mAh
5. And most important the quadcopter should have some novelty factor like be shaped like a bird, or have a Lego man attached on top or have styrofoam legs so you can use it as a boat or play Christmas music etc.

Matthew Gilmore
Marcus what a cool video & really quite funny in a good way wathcing you fly that egale bird what a hoot lol.

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