Hanvon - GoGoBird - Unbox & Maiden Flights

Thank you, Brian, for sharing this fantastic wonderful amazing informative Go Go Bird flying indoor experience with us. It's absolutely the best one who can fly Go Go Go Bird splendid at home. Let' check the whole flying video on Youtube below

And also we appreciate and received the comments on Go Go Bird.
Orchestra Nation
holy crap I thought these things never exsit (congrats for 90k by the way! :D)

Life with Nick and Hayley
This looks sooo cute!! Love these random flying contraptions!
I agree! They're so bamboozled by this "creature" and they have come to REALLY like trying to kill it - LOL!

Epic video! Comedy, drama, action, romance (reference) and maiden flight for the camera crew. Suspense...Is the camera crew now hooked on rc flying? Will Brian need to really become proficient doing video? Stay tuned for the exciting next chapter. LOL

Dave Lawday
Brill stuff Brian.. bought one for my wife for Christmas.. wow.. we hit our local field and the range was amazing.. great fun flyer .. and value for money.... regards Dave.

Question on landing flaps. When do I deploy them? Do I wait till I’m in final approach or earlier? First time I’ve ever used them.

Chris RC
Hi Brian thank you for the video I’ve seen an RC Pterodactyl at our annual model airshow whatever next 😂
The show was pre-covid of course!! Is there a tour of your hanger and all of your fantastic planes you have been reviewing coming soon?.... that would be great! Thanks Chris

My daughter has the same bird and I noticed when you’re outside on a non-windy day if you go right left right left really quick I know it sounds silly but stay & fly straight For you. Ours is a little different it doesn’t have the sensor avoidance but I all in all the controls should be the same .
God bless take care stay safe
I don't think the avoidance sensor really seemed to work well, but all else was really NICE!

FreeRangeChicken RC
Would this make a good first plane??? LOL. This is great. I freekin love this thing and it will be added to my pile of ridiculous flying things, through your affiliate link of course!

Nick Ing dazed & confused
Is that raised bit on the birds head for a camera, I love quirky things like this, I am still getting my head round my VTOL's and my recent Xmas prezzy to myself a pukka drone, so I think best to leave alone as I would just confuse matters going from one to the other, it would be great if you could just have them fly on their own say launch one or two and have them fly around the lounge.
I don't know (About the part for a camera). It's pretty easy to fly, but I don't think you'll screw up your muscle memory for flying other aircraft, since it's so different.

Might pick one up for my kids, seems interesting and if they don't like it then my wife and I can play with it for the cat.

Jeff West
Very cool! I had one like that many years ago! It was sold by radio shack, I had a blast with that thing! I use to fly it outside at dusk and we had stray cats around. One night I was flying around and a cat jumped up and got it and destroyed it before I could blink! I never got another but I think I’m going to get this one!

Shane Pratt
It's an ornithopter. My son and I have had several variations of the same toy and one hobby grade. HobbyKing sold a fairly large Pterodactyl or some such dinosaur.

Aerospace Matt
That bird is like “TERRAIN! TERRAIN! PULL UP! PULL UP!” Also, as a model airplane pilot, I prefer being in flying the aircraft instead of It being autonomous.

Rc family
Your wife finally got you something to fly in the house and the bird loves the tree

Bart Hutchison
My friend had one similar he was flying on Christmas day, his son's present, and a bald eagle shredded it in mid air. It was an awesome sight, even his son was ok with it.

Dale R B Sr.
Had a kinda similar rubber band powered one when I was a much younger, single flapping wing and a wind up device in the tail

Jonathan Bellamy
I had one of those in the 70's! It just wound up with a rubber band and you let it "fly" uncontrolled!

Jim Puff
Brian, if your having problems finding the place for the battery ,I don’t think I’d want you to be my doctor doing my colonoscopy ! I thought it was funny as hell you and the batteries ! You are comical for sure . Love it! 😊👍

Alesia James
Birds usually do tend to migrate toward trees...lol!! So cute think I’m gonna get our daughter one of these she says she wants a plane but shes three. She is pretty advanced do you think it is easy enough?
I think this one is very fun, but not super "controllable" - so probably. Since it kinda flies in circles, she should be able to fly it. The controls are kinda like a suggestion ;)

Yes it is called an Ornithopter. I have built balsa rubber band powered Ornithopters, really fun to watch fly and cool flapping sound👍

Martin sandqvist
You and camera crew are the best on you tube....

From above and beyond
Cool bird the cat had some fun. :)

Moira O'Brien
Interesting! I have both the Metafly and Metabird from Bionic Bird but the fly too fast to fly indoors. I have had successful flights with MetaFly (see my channel) but I have yet to get to grips with the newer Metabird.

If they make one with 8 ft wingspan I’m in. 🤠🍪🍪

Rc Aviator
Yes, the flapping bird vehicle is called an ornithopter

Keith Whisman
What a nice Ornithopter, a lot of great things have Opter in the name lie helicopter is one.

James Turncliff
The flying bird thing is called an ornithopter

gary ruprecht
Hey Brian don,t fly those birds to much you might forget to fly the real jet,s and plane,s LOL

Mike W.
Yes.....but how do you bind this to an NX6? Lol! I was joking with my kids about RC birds the other day! Can't believe this is real!

We used to get rubber band powered ornithopters when I was a kid. Free flight

Riley Winters
It’s a bird it’s a plan wait no it’s a bird 🦢

Pokémon GO
which should I buy Go go bird 🐦 or RC plane because I don't know how to fly RC plane and go go bird I think this is simple to fly onces I read and understand the user manual , but in plane onces it crash hard it broke . Recommend me which things should I buy RC plane or Go go bird :)
RC planes are better for flying, but this is more of a very fun toy! Neither will satisfy your desire to fly...you will want more, so my advice...find the link in the description, buy it, then come back to the channel for more ideas when you're ready to try another awesome RC aircraft ;)
Pokémon GO
I want to know that this is better than rc plane or go go bird 🐦 because ones they crash damage
And this is so much crash but on damage is on it , what do you think
I think they are FUN, and really cheap!!! It's less than $50 :) Planes are more, but they do generally fly better. This is a special addition to anyone why flies "Things" and I fly them all ;)
Pokémon GO
I,also don't believe on instruction. So,I am asking you - how much height it can go ? , what is the control distance? And what is fly time ? . Because in instruction
This is written flying altitude <100ft . Control distance <262ft . And flying time ⏲️10 - 15 minutes. So, you tell me it is true or not that written in instruction.
That's about right, in my experience. I'd say those are all about right ;)
Pokémon GO
@BrianPhillipsRC which should I buy Go go bird 🐦 or RC plane because I don't know how to fly RC plane and go go bird I think this is simple to fly onces I read and understand the user manual , but in plane onces it crash hard it broke . Recommend me which things should I buy RC plane or Go go bird :)

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