Thank you DOMINIC very much for sharing your fantastic flying Go Go Bird Eagle experience with us. We are glad that the Eagle had brought so much fun to users.
​It's one of the most important moments in the ​history of Go Go Bird Eagle.

Check the full review through Youtube below:

Our first flight of the prototype Go Go Bird EAGLE radio controlled Ornithopter. It arrived in its own protective carry case with everything you need to fly it including the transmitter, 2 flight batteries and charger. You just need to put 2 AAAs into the transmitter. Very easy to assemble and the instructions are very clear. Charge time for each battery was about 45 minutes...and we got a long flight time of about 15-20 minutes with each battery.

The Go Go Bird EAGLE does have a distinctive flying style. Turning at low power results in much tighter turns than at full power. In a 5-10 mph wind the Eagle is flyable but care must be taken not to go too far downwind as flying back can take a long time by climb and then a gliding descent to make headway.

And also we would like to remember the inspiration we got from users. Thank you all.

4:04, that look from eagle. Says clearly, If I wanted you dead, you would be dead :D hahaha, what a beautiful natural predator. you were flying in his territory buddy. how do you like your GOGO bird eagle. I love mine. and going to take it out again soon :D this time maybe in the territory of other eagles hahaha

Jacen Grey
Not gonna lie, after seeing this I really want one of these. That was full on Dom. We got our monies worth from this video.

Nandor Zsiros
Jason: Let's film the RC go go eagle bird..
Red Kite: I'm gonna ruin this RC bird's whole carrier.. Oops, I'm on YouTube..

Michael Sharp
Fly's more like a pigeon than an eagle no wonder the kite attacked he thorought breakfast was being served on the wing. (In fight service)

Derrick Green
Dom....the Bill Oddie of R/C World😂. I’ve never seen a red kite attack anything before. Usually they’re on the receiving end of crows. What a catch! What fun!

Awesome!! What a beautiful bird, and the kite looks lovely too 🤣🤣

It looks like the Cybird P1 from about 10 years ago. Hopefully the gears last longer. I have the Bionic Bird V2 still flying great after 5 years. Hopefully they will have stock soon of this Eagle :)

Oh wow 😂 Two very nice birds! Great video Dom! I didn't know you could get RC Birds.

North East FPV
wow that was spectacular 👍👍the kite gorgeous ,And the go go bird done well to hold her ground lol , nice one , these little birds are getting better and better

Great video. Some cool R.C. and a beautiful Kite. What more could you ask for?

We also have kites at our field. They don't really care about what's flying around, except when it catches a thermal. Then they accompany the model while going up 🙂
My guess would be, that bird was just curious. Or it was annoyed by that fast flapping thing. I would have been, if I was bird 😁

'Eagle' looks more like a Pigeon in flight, maybe the Kite thought was more 'meal!',.. right up until it nearly ran in to the quadcopter.

Had a Hobby King Rare Bear funfighter and a hawk went after it, hawk found out the plane was faster that it was..

Sno Valley Park
I'd buy this one. The ones they currently sell are a little more colorful than I care to be seen flying...I can see why it was attacked, it flies like a bird in distress, but realistically. I have eagles, hawks, and falcons who live on my farm. They are interested in my planes, but keep their distance because they can see the planes are generally superior in speed, and mobility. I wouldnt be surprised if a falcon tried to take out that gogo.

Chandra M Craft
Luar biasa.... Keren banget, salam sukses dari Indonesia 👍👍🙏


Brandon B
I have a very small rc plane and it was almost attacked by a hawk. He got very close then fortunately backed off when he realized it wasnt a bird.

djt 123
Red kites are sensitive to encroaching ornithopters. Flying a Park Hawke model on Chobham Common (Surrey) I had a group of 4 red kites circling the machine.
They, fortunately, did not attack.
Unfortunately no pictures as we were looking almost straight into the sun at the time.
This Park Hawk is quite an awkward beast to fly. One would need a great deal of practice to really master its control.

Captain Win
Man, you'd have so much fun chasing seagulls with that.

Different, I like it, there is a pair of kite’s around here too.

Randall Huston
I have an EPP Eagle and it's never been attacked even though we have hawks and bald eagles here. They don't seem to be afraid of it but they haven't tried attacking either. It's about twice the size of your bird. Why on earth would they paint such a small bird like a bald eagle? That's probably why it got attacked.

Dad's RC Hangar
That’s was orsum Quad shots of the bird of prey. I do like your eagle, fun video 👍🏻

Walter Palmer
Realistic , very nice fun. I think a person (a beginner) is less like ly to crash an ornithopter.

john choice
That was no kite! Where is the control line? IT was a real bird, probably curious about this animated 'puppet' in the sky. Nevertheless, very realistic!

I want one.or maybe two.or three or four awsome vid thanks bud.

Alex Featherstone
Dom u gotta review the 1.5meter foamy Eagle that 4max stocks

Lawrence Williams

Stephen Jones
Those Ornithopters are getting better this one seem a lot quieter than the usual ones i have seen.

Joe Benham
They should give these a “soaring mode” to allow these synthetic eagles to ride the thermals without flapping.

Who Me
Those people scared of quodcopter/Dones Hide This Hurry, we with only be able to fly smoke puffs! This was Alsome I love it your own Bird that comes back

Hello I entered to the page but there is no eagle bird on sale only birds in different colors . The sound of an eagle you made it with the smartphone?

Who Me
Check out what I don't like about RC Airshows in the States on now Top Gun LIVE

Justin H
Whats with the seagull sounds? Definitely not sounding like an eagle

JJ pl
Good morning from Poland it's 8am here

Chamary stigers
👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀wow you flight your drone video recording footage at go go RC bird and real bird attacking at go go bird and drone video recording footage wow

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