Ornithopters Inspiration from Avatar

A decade past, the flying creatures in Avatar are always make us stunning and widely open our minds of flying imagination.

Who won’t like to fly one cool creature like the Banshee or Leonopteryx we know from Avatar? Never forgot the first shocked fantastic 3D visual impact by Jake’s banshee Ikran.

Today the Avatar 2 The Way of The Water brand-new teaser trailer released.

avatar ornithopters

It again surprised us deeply by the plenty of flying creatures, at this time, the dream to flying in the sky bloom and meanwhile it deeply upset our emotion that where is my Banshee? When and how can I fly mine? The flying desire the free to the sky keeps us take action immediately.

So just searched on Amazon and only found one Banshee Creature like this one below:


And then you will find one lovely Avatar reborn sleeping baby doll.

avatar sleeping doll

But we want flying creatures?

Yes, so professional recommended an ornithopters will be the best one to choose.

While you can hardly find one ornithopters online now.

After searching ornithopters online, fortunately we can find Go Go Bird ornithopters series.

Go Go Bird family owns little Go Go Bird in Yellow/Green/Blue/Pink, big Go Go Bird Ealge and also Go Go Bird Bennu which is an updated little Go Go Bird, but the most important yes, we are planning to push out the Avatar ornithopters in the future.

But just now just keep eyes on the ornithopter online on Amazon now.

Experience Banshee ornithopter before watching it in the theater in December.

 gogobird ornithopters

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What are the flying creatures called in Avatar?

Mountain banshees

Mountain banshees (Na’vi name: ikran) are large, dragon-like aerial predators that are native to Pandora. They are used by the Na’vi for hunting from the air and traveling larger distances.

What is a toruk in Avatar?

A Toruk Makto is a Na’vi individual who successfully manages to ride a great leonopteryx (Na’vi name: toruk). There had only been five Toruk Maktos prior to Jake Sully, and they are spoken of with great respect and honour. Toruk Makto translates as “Rider of the Last Shadow.”

What is a Leonopteryx?

Great Leonopteryxes, known as Toruk by the Na’vi, are extremely large draconic flying animals native to the moon of Pandora. Scientifically, it is known as Leonopteryx rex – flying king lion (from the Greek word λέων (leon) meaning lion, πτέρυξ (pteryx) meaning wing, and the Latin word rex, meaning king).

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