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Go Go Bird Eagle RC Bird Flight Test Review

Thank you Joseph very much for sharing Go Go Bird Eagle first version 1010 and we are appreciated we got so much interests from viewers. We just marked and recorded this as an important moment in the history of Go Go Bird Eagle.

Check the video below

Riff Raff's RC
Great video! That's the best flying ornothopter I think that I've ever seen! 😁👍
John Heitz
Oh how I want the eagle one! Bought a 4 foot eagle kite years ago!
Kevin Farley
Any idea what it might cost when it is available? Loved your review, looking...

The GoGo Bird EAGLE is Fun for the Whole Family - Review

Thank you Steve for sharing Go Go Bird Eagle on Youtube, it's a great journey for Eagle to known by more people who love it.

 And we have seen you done it, so many people show their love with great comments. We appreciate all your kindly welcomed thoughts on Go Go Bird Eagle.

Ron Davis
I couldn’t stop laughing. Now we know how Eagles are endangered. Lol

not surprisingly, it is more durable than a DJI FPV drone LOL! Really funny video, thanks capt.

Sheila davis
Oh my god Steve my ribs and face...

Buy This Robotic Bird? - Go Go Bird Eagle - RC Ornithopter Review

Buy This Robotic Bird? - Go Go Bird Eagle - RC Ornithopter Review

Thank you Adam for sharing Go Go Bird Eagle with us on Youtube.

Go Go Bird Eagle got a fantastic informative full review. 

What is this?
This is the Hanvon GoGoBird Eagle. It’s a radio controlled ornithopter, which means it has wings that flap like a bird to propel itself through the air. It comes as a Ready-To-Fly package, with minimal assembly required.
How much does it cost?
MSRP is $200 and should be available for purchase around September 2021.
Is it worth the price?

If you want an ornithopter, yes. This appears to be the most affordable and user-friendly ornithopter for its...

Weird Flying Bird Toy Thing - Go Go Bird

Weird Flying Bird Toy Thing - Go Go Bird

Thank you Gene Dylan and Kari so much for making a so wonderful fantastic Go Go Bird flying video with us. It's so cool😁 and also all the funny great comments, love😂

Geek Gaming Scenics: Never seen anything fly like this. Looks in the sky sees a bird :p

j1njja: In conclusion: Gene, Sam and Dylan are kids with expensive equipment

Vibe9 Studios: I got in trouble for laughing too hard at the park scene and showed my boss and we both got in trouble...

GO GO BIRD by Hanvon - Fly Like a Real Bird

GO GO BIRD by Hanvon - Fly Like a Real Bird

“Happy Children's Day everyone! For today we have planned a fun and entertaining video.. We had so much fun with our Go Go Bird, it is super light and easy to use! we had some strong wind today and the bird manage to do a pretty good job anyway, so we give it a huge thumbs up!”

Thank you Tanja for sharing her wonderful Go Go Bird story with us.

We are inspired and we believe it's a best gift for kids.:)