The Go Go Bird is back! And this version is really good! Version 201 Bennu

Thank you Steve very much first as always for test and sharing Go Go Bird Bennu on Youtube.
We are exciting to know many feedbacks from the viewers, check the video and the informative comments below, thank you!

Christopher Raff
The term drone is all kinds of messed up these days. Technically the bird is a drone, but IDK if it is colloquially.

Edit: I also love how realistic it is. After you hit the wall it fluttered around on the ground just like a real dying bird.

Drone Syndrome
Great review Steve! I tried doing the circle and figure 8 features on mine but it didn’t work as perfectly as yours at first try. 😂 But it does work as you mentioned and I agree with you, it’s a lot of fun to fly and soo easy to operate it. Thanks for this perfect demo showing how it works!

James Shaffer
This manufacturer should receive a award for the best improved product. Very impressive flight Captain.
Thanks for another entertaining video.

Hello Steve having seen your previous Go Go Bird adventures, the improvements are easy to see, and it looks like it's a really great little product now. This was fun to watch as always!

David Bradshaw
Another great review, Cap'n - having seen your previous Go Go Bird adventures, the improvements are easy to see, and it looks like it's a really great little product now. This was fun to watch as always!

R Zu
Your neighbors should pay you for all of the entertainment you provide!

I still enjoy my Robot bird which is about 8 years old and still has max flight time from the builtin battery using its normal RC stick radio.

Randy Sem
That is very cool. Didn't know they made these type of flying tech

And they finally came along way . Nice definitely worth your time now . Nice video Steve God bless

Christian D
Hey thanks for the Review, it is greatly appreciated. Could You share your expertise with me? 1) Do think the better flight performance of the 201 over the 102 comes from the fact that the 201 has only two wings, while the 4 Wings of the 102 do get caught by the wind a little more? 2) Do you think the 4 Wings of the 102 introduce less jello on aircraft fuselage of the 102 compared to the 201? 3)Would you think a real good dampening system (e.g. GepRC Cinelog's or even like a micro version shockmount of a condenser microphone could leeway the entrance into FPV ornithopter ;-)

Yac Bet
Hello everyone and good morning ❤️ Steve this looks actually not that bad and it looks like a lot of fun.

Doug Cooper
Excellent Review Video Steve. Major Improvement For Sure. Thank You.

Jim Anderson
Wow...what a very colorful bird. I could just see the hawks in my area taking after it....LOL 🦋

Looks like a nice upgrade and great catch. Great review!

Julian McLean
OMG !!! just when you thought it was safe to go out in the snow!!!!; I have a "rubber band" wind up version which the Grand Kids love however will be buying one of these !!! many thanks for posting Captain!

Very impressive that they stuck with it and actually got it to work!

Flies much better than the last one! Plus it looks like the love child of a Phoenix and a bird of paradise.

DutchMercenary gaming
I showed it to my 6 years old daughter and now she want one 😁

These things have come a long way since the rubber band powered ones of my youth!

Curious: what is the song you use for your outro? Thanks!

It is called LOUD & CLEAR and can be found on YouTube

Another fun toy! thanks for sharing! always so joyful to watch!
Lyn Smith
Nice bit of kit and looks like a lot of fun to fly Steve.

Paul L Thomas
It's Amazing Steve, Thanks.
Happy Flying!

Queen Elizabeth II
I Would Definitly Give This BIRD A TRY ! 🤔

Techno Xtreme
I was waiting for it to lock into fly south mode once it experienced an Ottawa winter.

Tom Kelly
Looks like it’s a ton of fun, hey like the new intro 👍😁
Richard Hykes
Not bad for Captain beginner. I'm gonna get my grandkids One. Thanks 🕐

Prolific Invention
The drone dropper payload release device I have uses those same batteries. Have you reviewed or tried a payload release device?

Thanks Captain! Did they mention when they will release an fpv version 😂?
No mention of an FPV bird so far.

It's a cute toy. Definitely better than the previous version.

Love the gogo bird i wish they put some fpv camers

Mrcroc official 2 0
Hi, love your vids told you I will be here everytime you upload, your the best Reviewer ever❤️
Now I know what gogo bird I will buy

Andrew Maw
lol thanks Steve. Great review. And you found another one my kids want LoL

eugene austin
i had the other go go bird but never got to fly it because i'm always flying my drones so gave it away to my wife's daughter inlaw because i bought one each for the two boy's and they love it, but i won't buy this one Steve darling wife wont like it, great video again captain.

Usted es un gran tipo... saludos desde España.

Ive been enjoying mine, and the eagle!

The bird movement still seems to be a spaz but he's cool!

spooner Fpv
Hey Steve any chance you making a video showing how to flash this Jumper T Pro with 1000mw internal mod, and also the lua script. There's only vids showing when you have bricked. I don't know why the manufacturer just think that you should know how to do this when visiting the site they refer the link to in the manual. No wonder so many people have bricked their jumpers even though who normally flash there tx's. I told you I used Radiolink and have never done this before
Appreciated Keep smiling

ROB Weaver
Great—but the previous vid was more fun!

Seychelle Illy
I want one! Where's the Canadian version?

My dog would love it.

Dyna- Drone
Wow Steve that is funny it looks like a lot of fun to fly and it’s cheap really cool you get all the cool toys

Nice hand catch love my ornithopters nice vid thanks again...

Flying Through History
I can see those things starting urban myths.....I saw a large bird! lol

Endo throne Gaming
Sir can u give the review of hubsan zino mini pro after frame ware update pls pls pls pls

Oscar Arrieta
Do you need Drone Pilot Test to fly the bird 🐦 🤔


CM Dabnfpv
Take it out to the field have a bird chase it again lol

Jerry Tilley
I will stick with my drone though !!!

very cool Steve i ordered one to do a review on.....neetttttt J D S 😎

Are there actual birds chirping in the background? There are birds chirping out here already in Aurora Colorado.

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