The RC Go Go Bird is inexpensive and fun for the whole family!

Thank you Steve so much for sharing this fantastic Go Go Bird flying indoor and outdoor story with us. And also we are get inspired from these comments.
It's a great exciting news for Go Go Bird.
MrLudwin01: You took the “parrot disco” review to another level 😂
Tomaso: Ms. Steve asks: “Steve, how was your day at work? “ Steve says, “well honey, very stressful. I spent today inside with the gogo bird try to get it to fly.”
Nathan Sumner: In the future it's gonna be hard to tell if it's a real bird or the government spying on you with a robotic bird
Chris Vielle: Funniest shit I seen in along time, that bird just taking off and flying away
Booger Meat: You need some cats for your indoor flight.
MR. Make-Do: 😂😂😂 The only emoji that can describe this. 😂😂😂
Love the part with the roof. I think that bird has a mind of its own...
In the end it's a bit more like a plane then anything! 😃
Abutalib: It's a super fun gift for the kids .. i remember there were something similar but without a controler way back in time that hanged with wire and keep flying in circular motion .. this one is advanced forsure .. perfect gift, also it will make my lazy cat jumps and burn some calories too !
David Spicer: Im 51 years old and i had something like this as a kid in the early to mid 1980's. It was built just like that but all it had was auto mode. It didnt have a remote or any sensors
Tatical Droid: Maybe someone can make a fpv drone of this thing. It is safer and more similar to the birds.
Aerial Drone Vision: Very funny, your very funny today(here), funnier than usual. Great review, pms it’s on the roof now 😂 omg you got it off the roof, how lucky was you 😂👍
P.S., finished the whole review and I’ve got to say you under rated it indoors as it flew fine, but someone couldn’t keep up 😂 👍
It’s fairly amazing but for the price it’s amazing.
Roegun: Not so sure about the bird. Kids would probably have a ball with it. Great fun video. Thanks Captain.
RC's Project: You can tease the birds with that, lol.  I think if it had  a controller with two sticks it would be easier to fly.  Still a pretty cool toy.
Roger: hi I'm back again, the boy from philippines, :) ,, this thing is nice and fun to play with,,, hehe i always smiling while watching how the gogobird fly and it's have a good durability :)
nice one :) ,i love it,,, hello captain Steve :) ,,, i think it's hard to walk in snow, i think maybe feels like walking in mud, in our place. hehe
OffTheRails: I wonder how the bird will do around a powered on ceiling fan? Will it avoid it, or will it get turned into shrapnel falling all over the floor?
Dogs and cats will have a great time with this toy!
microbuilder: Good to see someone is still making ornithopters!  Looks like the electronics could be useful in scratch-built micro planes as well, is there a 3rd channel for pitch control or is it done with the throttle?his toy!
Henk de Vries: This thing is just asking to be gutted: replace the obstacle avoidance for an FPV cam and add a proper receiver.
Image will probably be very shaky, but would be a fun little project 😜
RC VietNam: the bird are nice but you can not fly that hight RC plan you can fly so hight but the bird not
if only make another version of bird a bit biger and fly higther that be really cool
gogobird fly indoor
Dugly1: Here I am obsessing over what drone to get and come across this. It may not have the features nor quality I’m wanting but Costco has it marked down and it’s on the way. You’ve directed me to a drone that meets my needs (in the very short term) and I appreciate it. Now I’m on to Mini 2, air 2(s)? Or FPV?  I’m in a budget battle now. Thanks
Who Me: What!!!! Jaw Dropped when obs-av,was spoke,it checked most of the box's for I will literally fly anything. Shame for playing with kids toys ,no because if I'm playing with it ,that makes it Charle's Toy thanks Cap is sicker giveaway still open
Suraj Mandal: when i fly my 5inch, hawks and crows in the park already mess up my flying experience, i also had collision twice with hawks...
But if i fly this one, mama hawks will snatch it out of air and feed it to his babies untill she realished, she had been pranked
CRD DRONES: My daughter just showed me this video because she watches my phone sometimes she’s only six and she said she would love this one ! So I’m definitely gonna have to pick myself one up and get some laughs like you did.
God bless take care stay safe
The Opium Den: Pretty neat toy. It still looks fragile to me, but it seems better made than the plastic toys of my childhood. I'd consider it a good gift for people who just want to mess around. Great review, Captain!
Hopsta: The resident magpies around my place went into a frenzy and attacked my grandson's gogo bird, they weren't happy at all with the intruder on their turf.
Kevin Lau: Gee, I never seen you work so hard Captain Drone fetching and climbing the snow banks.  It’s like the little GO GO Bird is using you to do the RTB (return to bird) feature.  Great fun for me and the kids, and I’ll get one for sure...thank you for the wonderful entertaining review!  😂👍👌
Michael Edgar: Reminds me of the old flytech Barry benson bee. Was the exact same concept back in 07-09 I believe? Had one as a kid and flew quite well for what it was. Tried to find another and they seem to be quite rare now and only 1 old vid on YouTube of it.

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