New Arrival - Hanvon Go Go Bird Eagle 1010

gogobird eagle fighting

With continuous innovation over years, integrating cutting-edge bionic flapping wings technology, intelligent sensing technology, artificial intelligence technology, Hanwang officially launched the second smart bionic flapping wings robot product worldwide -  Go Go Bird  Eagle 1010!

What we can expect for Go Go Bird Eagle 1010?

All-inclusive storage box, durable and convenient to carry.
Auto-flying and easy operation.
Smart mode switch with one click to adapt to different flight scenarios.
Flexible flying to achieve continuous veer.
Durable and shocking resistance, good for flight safety protection.

gogobird 1010

gogobird 1010

Go Go Bird Eagle 1010 Maiden Flight

Thank you Dom for sharing Go Go Bird Eagle flying experience with us. Check how Go Go Bird Eagle RC Ornithopter battle with the real eagle - defender of the airspace.


And also thank you Joe for sharing the professional installation and flying Go Go Bird Eagle experience with us.


Thank you Brian so much for sharing this amazing Go Go Bird Eagle flying story with us.

Product Specifications:

Net.Weight ≈155g (Lithium battery included)
Product Size: 615mm * 440mm (Wingspan * Body length)
Package Size: 357mm*341mm*128mm
Material: EPP/Polyester/Plastic
Recommended Flight Altitude < 40 meters/131 feet
Remote Control Range 500 meters (Within eyesight recommended)
Application Outdoor, not recommend to use when wind speed >= level 4

Flight Duration: 12~15 minutes
Charging Time: 45~60 minutes

Update: Go Go Bird 1010 Eagle is updated to Go Go Bird 1020 Eagle.

gogobird eagle
gogobird eagle

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