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"I confess, I first thought the GoGo Bird would be terrible. It looks like a cheap plastic kite with a tiny motor. It is a flapping kite with a tiny motor, but it's also pretty great. It's possibly the most fun you're going to have with a $40 drone. It can be tricky to fly at first—the controller is small and one-handed, which takes some time to master. But once you get the hang of it, your flapping wannabe bird is surprisingly maneuverable. 

The biggest downside is the tiny battery, which lasts for about 8 to 10 minutes of flying time. The GoGo Bird does come with extra batteries, but changing them is harder than it should be. Still, that's my only real quibble, which is surprising. Even more impressive is how it has held my kids' attention for more than six months now, and that alone makes it well worth the price."

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1.Fun for older children and adults.

This bird does fly! It is definitely an outside toy. It flies high and far and doesn't have a small turning radius. This toy would not be good for small children as it is very lightweight and sensitive, but older kids, teens and adults would really enjoy it. Pros: It comes with just about everything you need, including an extra rechargeable battery. There is even a screwdriver included. You will need a couple of AAA batteries for the remote control. It is well packaged with a box that you can use for storage. Instructions are very good. - Laurie HF

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2.So much fun!

I bought this bird to give to my kids for Christmas but couldn't resist trying it out myself first. While it doesn't look realistic when it's sitting still, it's very realistic looking when it flies. I had to pounce on top of my cat to keep him from swatting it out of the air. He's still searching for the bird he believes is loose in the house. Because I was trying to keep it secret from my kids, I tested it in a smaller room. Still, the controls were pretty responsive and it manuvered fairly well and auto avoided walls and furniture. It would work even better in a more open area or outdoors. The wing material is similar to a plastic kite, the head is plastic sheeting, and the body is a lightweight plastic cage that, while rigid, bends slightly to protect it from impact damage. While it may seem the materials are "cheap," they have to be lightweight to fly. I think the body will hold up fine, but I do worry about rips in the wings. However, they seemed just fine after a few crashes in my test runs. I can't wait to give this to the kids and try flying it outside! My husband already wants to buy more of them! - Jaypea

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3.Really fun for everyone.

After receiving this toy/ I thought it too juvenile for a young teenager. I was going to return it. But gifted it yesterday and it became the hit of our celebration. It was enjoyed by all.. teenager, father and grandfather. Great gift. allows for a lot more thought to create patterns. Better than just a toy drone. a lot of fun!

4.Kids loved how the wings flap.

We got this for my son’s birthday. The kids were so excited at how fun it was to hold the bird in their hands while it flapped. They gave it a little throw into the air while it was taking off. The controllers were easy to figure out and it worked great at the park. I don’t think I’d want to take it out on a windy day in case it got away from us, but on a calm day it was easy to control in a big enough space. It’s much prettier to watch than most flying toys and that made it more fun for those just watching. - CDS

5.Fun value.

Fun quality for the money. Enjoyed indoors & outdoors. Has a wave flight and far distance. Our grandson, age 7, loved playing with it and his kitten chased it around. The bird has held up to falls and hits. It's great quality and bright vibrant colors. The remote control fits good in my hand and controls are easy to use. Makes a great gift idea - Chris H.

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6.Amazing local flights at a cheap price. 

I just love flying the bird around the park on a still day. It's calming and exciting at the same time. The interface works well enough to steer around obstacles like trees and buildings. My favorite way to fly is to shut the bird off at altitude (easy with the index finger switch) watch it glide back down, then start flapping before hitting the ground.

Stay away from wind.
It would be an exaggeration to say Go Go Bird changed my life, but it did amaze me what is possble with a battery, a motor, and a microcontroller. Amazing design. The rubber band wind-up flying bird that I grew up with didn't steer. It looked like a rubber band unwinding in the air. Kinda cool, yes, but being able to pilot a bird is great fun.

You could add a "squawk" function with little additional weight in the next version.
The figure-8 function is really useful. When your kid needs something at the park, you can "park" the bird in the air with that button. Putting the bird on pause is most useful. Flying Go Go Bird is great, but there are times when other priorities come the fore. That's when you reach for that lil figure-8 button. Park the bird, get shit done....minutes pass...oh hello Bird. That's how we roll with the figure-8 button. Watch for wind though, that 16 bit logic only goes so far. Navier-Stokes not included. The bird does not grok turbulent mixing.

Two batteries are reasonable. I sometimes think that one lasts longer than the other, but that may be just variability in roll-to-roll manufacture. Charge them both before you fly as it takes a while to top them off.

The plastic screw is crucial. Learn it, don't lose it.
I've never adjusted the tail and don't find a need to. The bird is a delicate piece of plastic. Not rugged but a delicate fun. - Amazon customer

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Zachary Toys and Fun

7.Totally worth it.

I bought two for my son's 6th birthday, expecting problems and wanting a backup. This little drone is so amazing - it has entertained our entire family for hours. We charge both batteries and take them outside for about thirty minutes worth of flying.
We love it so much that I bought a third one for my aunt and uncle to play with during quarantine.
If you are on the fence, go ahead and get it. It is worth it. - Leigh Laughlin

8.Great Pastime or Gift.

My roommates and I are trying to find ways for quarantine boredom and this toy is great. It came in a pretty box which I felt could have been cool for kids’ or teens’ birthday gifts, but we can’t be the only adults who are having fun here. It wasn’t immediately obvious to me what to do with the bolts and batteries, but after reading the manual it took me ~5 min to get it ready to go. The remote control and the bird itself are all pre-programmed and set up, but there is definitely a learning curve at first to get used to the flapping and flying. It’s fun to have a friendly competition to see who can pilot it the best, other than the usual movie nights or board games we are doing. The bird is really light with plastic sheets as wings, but after numerous crashes it’s still unscathed and much sturdier than I thought. Could have been more fun if we have more space or can do it outside. Overall, don’t expect the level of sophistication as a drone, but still bang for the buck given how long it can keep people engaged. Would buy again if I need an interesting gift idea for the future, since the quality is great and it’s pretty unique and not too expensive. - Winnie Z.

Rebecca Brand

9.Great fun for the family.

Initially bought this as a gift for my nephew however it turned out to interest us all. The mechanism that makes the bird fly is unique and I’ve never seen it on an RC drone before. It flaps its wings like a real bird.

The package was extremely light and it felt like nothing was inside. However everything was inside and it comes with 2 batteries. The charging mechanism is also quite intuitive as it’s just a usb and the battery directly connects to it. It’s very small and charging is really easy. Each battery lasts around 8-10 minutes of flight time and the controller required 2 AAA batteries.

I’d highly recommend going to a park if you’re going to fly this as it’s quite hard to control over shorter distances such as in your garden. The drone is really fragile so make sure you fly in an open area with visibility of it at all times. What I like is that you can turn off the flapping of the bird in case it gets stuck, and this can be drone remotely.

Overall, if you’re looking for a gift for a child and they like RC, I would most definitely recommend this as it was great fun to watch and play with the family! The price is also not bad and would do as a good Christmas present. - Hilal Al

10.Literally WOW! But hard to control if wind is strong! Although comes back anyway!

I did not expect my kids to get that excited over this bird once they started playing, as initially it was we have to play with it? It will not beat our super-duper drones anyhow! Well...the birdie proved them wrong!
Not only is it a bright and colourful toy, but when airborne, it literally looks and flies like a real bird and as you are kind of fighting with the wind, it is also a challenge to guide it - a fun challenge and if there is no wind, it is a breeze to fly and it goes high and far!
Both of my teens absolutely LOVED IT! - Addicted2Amazon

11. Tough little radio controlled bird, great fun in the right conditions.

This radio controlled bird is pretty tough given it's light weight frame and can take bumps and heavy landings with ease.
Pretty simple to fly just turn on the wings on the remote and it will start flapping, then launch gently like a paper plane. The joystick on the remote allows you control the direction and speed of the bird, so left and right and flapping slower or faster.
There is a demo flight mode where the bird does a figure of eight, trying to void obstacles in it's path and buttons to flip the birds direction 180 degrees left or right.

It flies pretty well and is quite simple to control, however any wind above 5mph makes it quite tricky to fly because it is so light weight and blows it off course.
I only flew it outdoors becuase you would need a large hall or similar area to fly it indoors, it's not like it can hover like a drone and doesn't have that precision of flight. Hence I dropped a star, as it's use is a bit limited.

It comes with two batteries which charge quickly using a special USB adaptor, so don't lose it!
A good fun toy, that can take knocks. - Norbert's Treasure Trove

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