Go Go Bird Eagle RC Bird Flight Test Review

Thank you Joseph very much for sharing Go Go Bird Eagle first version 1010 and we are appreciated we got so much interests from viewers. We just marked and recorded this as an important moment in the history of Go Go Bird Eagle.

Check the video below

Riff Raff's RC
Great video! That's the best flying ornothopter I think that I've ever seen! 😁👍
John Heitz
Oh how I want the eagle one! Bought a 4 foot eagle kite years ago!
Kevin Farley
Any idea what it might cost when it is available? Loved your review, looking forward to getting one.
positive commenter
Wow that's awesome. Never seen anything like it. Great video!
Love it i want one to add to my collection.
Roy Peppard Dublin.
Hello from Dublin,
That is awesome...I have wanted to try one of those things for ages.
Jersey Tesla
That is incredible technology😎👍 let me know when they are in stock I want one
Bill Somrak
Elevons! Cool bird! Would like to fly one up around all the turkey buzzards we have around here!
Caper Couple
i watched alishanmo review this,it looks like a pretty fun flier
justin jones
Can it fly silent ? If so you could totally mess with your buddies. I’m buying one 😎
My five and seven year olds were able to easily fly this on their own. The bird is very responsive and the battery lasts longer than other small drones we have bought in the past. For the money you can’t go wrong.
How do ....Great review fella , will probably get missen one of those when available ☝️ ! Q. Apart from the tello have you ever flown any of the Dji drones range ??.
Gimp Man
That Eagle is amazing except for the fact it flies like a Pigeon?
Good morning, thank you for the video!
Hello quadcopter 101 excellent video as always. I have a question in the page of gogo birds they only sell the birds in different colors but they don't sell the eagle. Where or when can I buy the eagle!
Jet Martin
LOL...so cool. I want one!
PasJanMakMarSky Vids
Soon, these ornithopters will take the RC community by storm!
Ronald Weed
It Flys great & Kite attacks it,Merry ole England 🇬🇧
Scott W
Man where did you get that particular nird?
Tom Webber
How would i hook up an FPV camera to that .?
Johan Opperman
When will this be available 😁
JohnnyD RC
The DJI hand controller ? HaHa I'm not sure, but I think I have seen this before. It's very familiar, but I like the review. Thanks again for the video and information.
Jersey Tesla
Awesome 😎👍i want one 😂 👍👍👍
San Fernando Valley Yacht Club
Arab falconers would love these and probably buy them by the crate-full to train their birds. All you'd need to do is change the decals to that of a prey animal, and add some foam trim to avoid hurting the prize falcon.
Alan Abraham Varghese
Thanks for the video..is this available in the market?
Drone Wizard Jay
I need this I don't care the price 👍
Angel RC
I like Go Go Bird Eagle, I am planning to buy one
bert beinaaf
Can you shut down the controller voice? Would drive me mad😱
Michael 'Mick' Oberhaus
Since it's on the trail is considered tailerons
Eagles powered by Beatflight :) Is this under 250gram? Haha im going fly this everywhere :)
I noticed that the frame of the tail is showing on the top instead of the bottom like the wings
I saw the smaller bird earlier, but it has 4 wings and so looks odd in flight, more like a dragonfly.
I like this one. Hope it comes out soon. Can't see anyone mistaking it for an eagle though. Too small, wings flap WAY too fast, and it doesn't soar like a thermal glider, as Eagle do too. In truth, I see it flying and the first thing that comes to mind is "pigeon".
But I still want one. I like the blue parrot with the red head best.
I hope it is compatible with multi-protocol transmitters. As a flyer I have no interest in a little one-handed thumb controller.
Happy flying!
Am I the one who was thinking how awesome it would be if you could drop fake bird poop out of this thing? LOL
michael sabella
THanks for this but maybe would of been better to wait for this unboxing once this Bird is available.... I suspect the company is having you do this to see how much interest there is ... But folks will tend to forget this video an bird after it becomes available so lost sales....
Can I see the bird flying in the blue sky
22nd! Wow its a drone, it's a bird, it's another q101 awesome review 😊👍
Bonnie Bankston
My name is Jason Falcon 76 all my life I wanted to follow in my uncle's footsteps who retired as a general flying the F-16 Viper Falcon which is his last name Falcon but was also in the Pentagon on 9 11 01 classified but I've been flying r c helicopters since 01 and I would love to get me a falcon. I don't understand the control but I'm sure I could figure it out.♥️🚁🏆🗽

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