The GoGo Bird EAGLE is Fun for the Whole Family - Review

Thank you Steve for sharing Go Go Bird Eagle on Youtube, it's a great journey for Eagle to known by more people who love it.

 And we have seen you done it, so many people show their love with great comments. We appreciate all your kindly welcomed thoughts on Go Go Bird Eagle.

Ron Davis
I couldn’t stop laughing. Now we know how Eagles are endangered. Lol

not surprisingly, it is more durable than a DJI FPV drone LOL! Really funny video, thanks capt.

Sheila davis
Oh my god Steve my ribs and face actually hurt from laughing so much!!! One thing seems to be that it’s very durable. Also made this video an instant Capt. Drone people’s choice award winner. That tree montage had me laughing out loud and the bird field goal segment literally went everywhere except through the uprights. The final attempt had me believing it was going to happen until it hit the center post! Lmao!! I must say it again, an instant classic and a top ten in your video catalog. Thanks for making my night.

ROB Weaver
Funniest ‘drone’ video ever. Sturdy beast, though,

🤣Funniest review ever! "Disclaimer: No animals were harmed in the filming of this video" definitely getting George of the Jungle vibes "Watch out for that tree"

Trevor Fuss
The GoGo Bird Eagle loves trees like most birds. It's definitely looks fun

Brent R
I would love to fly that in my subdivision just to read the comments from drone hating Nancy's on Next Door.

The idea is wonderful. a drone modeled on nature. A dragonfly drone would be interesting.

James Shaffer
I sure needed this🤣🤣🤪 I have not laughed this hard in ever. Go Go Crazy 🦅 bird.

algh pert
Cap this was so hilarious you had me in stitches. FYI birds love trees it gives them a good vantage point. Love it Cap keep them coming

James Carlisle
I think I had more fun watching you fly this bird than you did flying it

Gustav Rischmuller
The bird's sound is that of the African Fish Eagle. A very iconic call. 🦅

Anthony's Adventures
Greetings from Los Angeles! This is just what I needed to start the day. Drinking my morning cup of tea and watching Captain Drone crash over and over into trees! Love it. I hope everyone has a nice weekend.

R man
Seeing the eagle flying into so many trees makes me wonder if they could make a flying golf ball? Yeah, that was how I would golf!

Ricky Britton
Very Cool and funny Steve, I couldn't believe how Tuff that Eagle was, Outstanding Steve, you had me laughing. Sincerely your freind from Mo Rick and God bless you and your family

Madtoffel Premium
Now I want to have a FPV drone that looks and flys like a real bird. I hope we will see somthing like that sometime in the next decades.

John Davies
The funniest drone video I've ever seen - sitting here with tears rolling down my face. Not sure its convinced me to buy one even if it does appear to be indestructible - great video thank you Steve

kisbey drones and cars .
Imo they need a better remote control that's easier to use it looks a nightmare to get use to 😂

Kenny Foss
Steve, you are the BEST! YOU make the hobby FUN! This is the most humorous video on flying I have ever watched. Just look at all the folks you brought laughter and joy in this video!

David Dennison
Wow, that is a very durable thing and to get the eagle calls is a bonus plus it's great for cardio too!

Looks like a lot of fun, once you learn how to fly it, great review. Just don’t fly it during a pheasant hunt. Lololo

Hilarious and way tougher than any of the RC planes we smashed into the ground!
If it would lift a go pro that would be some awesome video!

That is one though bird, all those accidents and still intact. I really like the wing flaps sound. I wouldn't purchase one, but I think that's a cool toy. I don't even know if I can call it a drone, because it looks a lot more difficult than a drone, but I do like it. Thanks Steve for the video. I had fun watching.

Doug Cooper
What A Funny Video Steve!! It's amazing how many crashes the Go Go Bird Eagle can survive!! This video reminded me of your first Helicopter Video Flight!! You really got your exercise with this video!!

This is a very flying bird! I wish everyone strength, health and a nice weekend, accompanied by a wonderful day!

Shawn Brasuell
Thanks for the entertainment Steve!
But it would be too frustrating to try and fly as you were chasing it down a lot because if you didn't it would fly off and you would lose it.

keeze Judah
Captain,you ARE THE MAN!,thank you for all the great and educational drone videos,,ONE LOVE!!!

Rafael Ventura
Hahahaha Steve you make me laugh 😂 whit this eagle in his first flying intent

Steve Tranchell
Too funny !! I am amazed how durable this is. Thanks for sharing. You made my day.

Att Ml
Nice review Steve! As always you are a good sport! I was really routing for that field goal! I though we were going to have an ariel dogfight when that seagull started tracking the Eagle! You may have to fly your Nazgul 5 to run security for your Eagle next time!. :-)

Danny Thomson
this looks like a lot of fun! i have seen a couple of other reviewers feature the gogo eagle who also had a ton of fun with it.
i only have the use of one hand (had a stroke a few years ago) so that controller peaked my interest, ive wished like crazy hoping for a one hand controller to fly drones/quadcopters, we know they can be done with the DJI one thats out, maybe my dream will come true one day.... and a nice inexpensive one will hit the market.

Calls from several different birds, although I didn't hear a bald eagle call a single time. lol. I used to have an RC bird like this about 15-20 years ago. It was a lot of fun but impossible to control!

Dan Keleher
Looks like I'm not the only one who was laughing so much. Didn't expect it to be so funny. Great video 👍

Joshua Elias
That's neater than hell I never thought the day I'd see a remote controlled bird and here it is.

1 month ago (edited)
Gogo Bird: I’m a real bird!! Wait real bird love trees!
Sir Steve: TREE!!
Gogo Bird: Where? Oh there it is I’m going to hang/chill with other real birds!
Gogo Bird: No birds here or worms :( WHERE IS EVERYBODY!! :(
And goes every tree the gogo bird sees XD

When the video first started, I was like "that looks cool, I want one of those" ... two minutes in, Im like .."Nawwwwwww, I'll pass"

Kim Yri
Thanks, I needed that, I laughed my ass off. that was hilarious, before I watched this I was having a crappy day feeling crappy waiting for the heat wave to hit later today, and dreading it, but after watching you fly this bird I feel so much better now, thanks Captain drone for this hilarious video and why I don't want one of these, I would not be able to control my laughter out in the field and people would think I was nuts, besides the fact I would probably loose it or get it stuck in a tree or worse yet have one of our Eagles around here attack the poor thing and shred it to pieces. but thanks again for the funny video, I was very entertained and it made my day :)

RCN Stuffy
As an Eagle trainer...... you are a great Drone pilot!!!!

Craig Roth
It should be called the Go Get It Bird. It would be cool if it had a soaring (gliding) mode, get it up high and then stop the flapping and glide it back down. Then it would feel a little more eagle-like. Still pretty cool tho! Thx, CD!

Fly Wright Drones
Great video Captain, I got my daughter one of these after watching your video about the original Go Go bird and we’ve been through 2 of them cause the first one dive bombed into a thicket of bushes! 😁

Benjamin Pepperell
Try putting some streamers on the tail to make it fly better. Drag,lift and wind are important in flying.

The Opium Den
Looks a lot more powerful than the previous GoGo product you reviewed. If this thing had a more capable remote and it had a built-in camera to let you see stuff it would definitely be a toy I'd want. Well, I suppose somebody will do that in the future. Great review though!

I had the Cybird about 10 years ago and then the Hobby King pterodactyl which flew great but the gears inside stripped easily and the wing carbon rods snapped.

Techno Xtreme
Please advise the people who sent you this that it really needs more power, or they should change the name to OhNo Eagle. The 2 dislikes are from the local area birds.

Michael Jordan
So... It's more of an exercise machine (all that walking) than a flying toy?

Richie Bricker
omg! why would they even manufacture that thing. Lots of people love that go go bird but theyre gonna hate the company after buying this and it will be the end of our beloved electric ornithopter

Bus transit passenger impaled by robotic attack eagle. Possible terroristic incident. Investigation pending. 😂👍
Cool device this needs a FPV camera. 😁

That’s the dumbest video I couldn’t stop watching. So funny, and so pathetic at the same time. Great job, as always, and funny.

Trevor Blanco
Question for ya. I am looking at purchasing a drone to tag along on my wife's photoshoots. I am looking at the Ruko F11Gim or the Yuneec Mantis Q. Which would you prefer?

Swamp Fox
Off topic from the video, have you done a video on the Holy Stone HS550? If not, are familar with it at all? I bought one and its currently in shipping mode. I would like to know if the battery is compatible with any other models. I cannot find it at the online stores.

Can someone help me here?
I live in Sweden and im told that drones sold in/to Sweden is limited to 500 meters. Is this True? Im looking to by the Fimi 2020 as first drone and like to fly long distance.

It's too bad I can't crash my Mavic Air 2 only one time and not get away with it. That bird takes a lickin' and keeps on flappin'. :-) Might ought to name it Timex. Fun video. Thanks!

Edwin Cobbs
Laughed so hard on the first failed crush I have tears running down my face, my ribs, sorry 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 I think am going to bed now 😂 😂 😂 😂

Peter Mainwaring
Drones are called birds by many, so should we call this bird a drone? 🤔 Good fun though!

Maria Dolores
A new Eagle every year like the IPhone

Jellan Adolfo Vlogs
I hope i can buy that flying toy

OMG, a hawk with seagull sounds🤣🤣
Yup, made in China. Try Google translate on it, it's pretty good..

David Drew
Brilliant video couldn't stop laughing, could have been made by hubsan 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 keep the videos coming mate👌
I dunno... I'd be on the fence with this product (literally). Thumbs up for the video entertainment.

Cesar M
I enjoyed this video, since it made me laugh. Steve I think you need to stick to flying FPV’s and camera drones. Also RC cars and trucks. Thanks for the funny video.

Petrincic Bros RC
Now we can really say interesting bird ;-) Great video my friend. Big salute from Slovenia, Pilot Robert

Sunrise Water Media
The final goal post hit was funny. Come on gogo bird! 😂 No ir obstacle avoidance I guess.

David c Goodwin
I can see people getting in to this in a big way, and it's a good way to get involved in quadz. 🦅🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🦅

Mike Hickman
Think I'll hold off of starting a bird scaring business with them :) if you can crash them there is no hope for me!

These birds would sell a lot faster if the came with a standard Mode 2 RC controller, instead of those finnicky buttons.

Lone Star UAV
I think you pull one of the triggers to get the wings flapping faster

B wayne
There is Absolutely No Doubt that it's very durable 🤣😂 my daughters yorkie went crazy barking at the TV 😉
Thanks, this was great!

Looked to me like you were having a devil of a time with it, but that you thoroughly enjoyed it!!! 😁
Quick? if I may, however: Where does the sound come from? The remote control, or the bird itself?
The reason that I ask is because I used to have a USS Enterprise quadcopter from Air Pigs and all of its sound FX came out of the radio instead of the quadcopter.

A real challenge to fly yet another awsome video thanks for making my day...

I currently have the robotbird 2 which after about 5 years is still flying great but is smaller than this version.

Jason Steele
Omg lol is there anything you didn't hit? Best drone video ever straight laugh track

great video steve👍 that bird is pretty cool!

1 month ago
Too funny! Being a "drone eagle", it probably is trying to get away from you and roost in a tree! Mind you I yelled 'GOAL' when you hit that goal post.😱🤣

Ioannis Kyriakopoulos
It's so premature for a robot bird. Bit as always in a couple of years the newer versions could be calibrated and controllable. Nice video, at least you tried to "fly" this garbage 😄

Jimmy Dean
I loved the first take off!!!!!! Hahahahahaha omg I couldn’t stop laughing! Another great video from our legend!! Oh by the way I adjusted both of the screws in the back of the dji mode 2 rc and nothing happened the darn throttle stick is still stiff as ever!!! Ugh

I was crying the entire time I had to rewind the vid several times lol capt capt capt lol man this brings back memories.....when I was 7 there was a bird that you had to wind up the tail I believe 🤔 idk but it flew off of a rubber band lol I loved that little bird !!!!! It eventually ripped because it was made out of plastic but this reminds me of it .....I have to get one of these for my son!!!! " so he will leave me alone while I'm rippin my quad" 😁 lol honestly I would want to fly this myself!!!!! Thanks again for some primo content 👍 I own a novice 4 thanks to you and I love it!!!!! However I still need a good whoop that I can freestyle and bash any suggestions???? I was looking at the hey tina from diatone or the mobula lite 7????? Thanks cap!!!!! Since I started fpv I have been neglecting my rc cars and trucks 😁.....

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