The Most Popular Ornithopters Online in 2022

Любопытство не порок... Ребята зрители, есть вопросец к Вам. Этому видео скоро уже 5 лет. Причем первые 4.5 года почти небыло просмотров и коментариев, тогда как последние 3-4 месяца просо повалило. Отпишитесь, пожалуйста, как вы наткнулись на этот видос? Ютуб насоветовал? Где-то в интернете выложено?

There is a Youtube video made in 2016 is getting huge views continually since 2021. Why? I guess it's because the movie Dune. The huge Dune ornithopter attracts huge popularity to the ornithopters.

dune ornithopter

The huge fantistic futuristic ornithopter from Dune brings us many expectation in the future. Who won't like to try one ornithopter? Everyone has a flying dream connate.

At this time, more and more people searching and finding the ornithopters online that's can explain the video views explosion in recent days.

After a long time searching on Google or Youtube or other social media, you may find out there is rarely ornithopters online. 

So what ornithopter online you have found?

You may found Metalfly METABIRD by BIONICBIRD on Amazon and surely firstly you can found Go Go Bird ornithopters on Amazon.

gogobird ornithopters

Otherwise, you can find a few kinds of DIY ornithopter kit.

You have known that the Pterodactyl Ornithopter shared on the Youtube video is made 6 years ago sold by and it's out of stock now. We don't know why it won't be sold and discontinued now, we hope it's not a sad story because it's really a cool ornithopter.

Why? It's strange that you won't find many suppiers worldwide to offer you the ornithopters. 

“Finally, perhaps you can capitalize on the popularity of the 2021 movie “Dune”.  Futuristic ornithopters are featured prominently in the movie, and the movie has been a widespread commercial success in the USA.  If your engineers have not seen the movie, I strongly encourage them to watch it.  They will probably enjoy the movie, and I know they will like the futuristic ornithopters.  More “Dune” movies will be made (the next one comes out in 2023), and I believe these movies will increase the popularity of ornithopters.  If a company such as Hanwang can design and build a futuristic RC ornithopter similar to those in “Dune”, I’ll bet you would sell a lot of them.”

Thank you Matt for letting me know, may be the answear is hidden from the Dune.

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