Weird Flying Bird Toy Thing - Go Go Bird

Thank you Gene Dylan and Kari so much for making a so wonderful fantastic Go Go Bird flying video with us. It's so cool😁 and also all the funny great comments, love😂

Geek Gaming Scenics: Never seen anything fly like this. Looks in the sky sees a bird :p

j1njja: In conclusion: Gene, Sam and Dylan are kids with expensive equipment

Vibe9 Studios: I got in trouble for laughing too hard at the park scene and showed my boss and we both got in trouble for laughing too hard while at work. Still worth it!

Gil Vargas Jr.: Dylan: "What is that toy?"
Also Dylan: "Okay, more."
HAHAHA best part!

Anthony Smith: That's scary man. I worry about stuff like that when I'm flying alone.

Bailey Conway: We go from flying in the park to holy crap there's motorcycles now

Will Shrop: 2:50 Carrie judging Gene HARD for how excited he is about a kids toy. Just went over his head lol
Neelabh Raj: Imagine talking a walk casually and then you see a guy with a camera chasing a paper bird

First Last: Gene: You think this is cool?
Kari:’s different.

Steven:“Gene and the boys being 8 year olds at the park” should have been the title.

Csanád Kiss: I LOVE the last segment, it was amazing like out of a TV series! 😂
Lawrence Garcia: Oh man, that last part where they just all hang out made me miss my friends! Damn you, Gene!

venom5809: Me: Excited about the bird thingy and thinks it's cool😁
Kari: Meh🤷‍♂️
Me: Sad Kari isn't excited with me about the bird thingy 😢

Ryan Michaels: That last bit was fun as hell! Felt like we all were just hanging at the playground lol would make for an awesome video podcast

Joshua Chiramel: Man that bird over the fence scene was so dramatic !!!

Sri Ram: I was waiting for this bird from watching ur insta story, it's so weird watching it fly.

Gil Vargas Jr.: Gene's neighbor be like: Drone bird?

Sajjad: Dude, you guys are my vaccine in this pandemic situation.

Mio, My Dog: "It would be a great kids toy. You can fly it in someones face." 😂

wakweika felix: "It's different" 😂😂😂 C'mon Kari.

Xyphoid Process: When I was in Paris 20 years ago, they sold wind up versions of this bird.

Maciej Katarzyński: Dylan: "I don't want to hit myself". hits Gene xD

SatanSupimpa: Gene had a Foos Gone Wild encounter.

The One Saskatchewan Farm Boy: Wait... Sams moving out. I am sad but happy for him at the same time. Good Luck on your new adventure

Hyrum Surio: I'm crying laughing at the spinning scene hahaha

BUSHAN CHHETRI: mom: go hang out with the neighbour kids

Go Before You Don't: That park is a friggin’ death trap!! I was crying with laughter when you guys were spinning though. So funny!

Georgi Artakov: Man, that last part made me miss the old times when i was young and would hang out with friends like this... time flies.

Samuel O'Dan: Ok It’s weird to not have comments read.
Weirder than I thought it’d be when I heard you guys contemplating seconds before the video ended.
Nick van der Water: haha such a great representation of almost any group of friends, have a good one guys!
Caleb Keller: Dylan: “go home”
😂😂 Dylan in 2021 is not inspirational anymore

Relaxation Valley: That park scene at the end has me cracking up grown men cant take a kids toy

Tim Ng: Literally every new toy, I was like "I need that." But Sam (the underappreciated man of the future) stole it with that table. I need that review and I'm getting one once it warms up in the Midwest.

DC Phillips: I need that in my life and I don't know why😂😂

Raymund Cayao: I love the part where they spin in that thing in the park Dylan is like pole dancing idk lol

Flip Shuman: Ah, I just love all this professional content I get. Perfect titles to stay on top of the youtube algorithm
Gene: "Weird Flying Bird Toy Thing....."

Enrico Grillo: Hey, I had the hand-wound version of that bird as a kid!

Sam Frankel: Love the vlogs gene! Also you guys spend a lot of time at playgrounds for adults 😂

Bryan Benoit: Was having a bad day... this made me smile

mirrandee: I just want to say that this is the hardest I’ve ever laughed at your videos. Fully support more playground content.
Corn Unpopped: The last 2 minutes are just you guys chilling and hanging. And I felt like a voyeur.

Parv Jain: The talking scene in the shot was pretty epic.

Sri Ram: I wanna be like these guys when I'm 30😭😂.
Álex Sobrino: I laughed out loud from the room so loud my kids come ask if was all right 😂😂😂😂

Technoguy505: These vlogs are literally my favorite videos at the moment lmao. nothing better than watching Dylan spinning on a children's playground toy 😂😂

Raj Luhar: Now Russell can finally have a bird training badge, if there is one

RC Ritter FPV: Ohh can't wait for my V2's
that bird looks fun too.

Little Mountain Life: Dude that confrontation sounds crazy! Glad he back off.
BillLivingstone: That's ridiculous that it actually flies even that well! Most surprising this I've seen today.

Creative Space: Me trying to get my cat to come come chill with me on the couch, “No, come this way, come this way”

Francisco Mones-Cazon: I started feeling nauseous just watching you guys spin around!!! 🤣🤣

Daniel Williams-Castle: That spin pole was the funniest thing I have seen in ages!!! 😂😂

Mehmet Ali Kılıç: for fvp another channel will go viral! Go for it!

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